With a focus on delivering the best practice international service in local markets, project management is one of our core roles. Aurora’s passion for providing the highest quality projects regardless of the size of the project or the sector our aim is the successful delivery of the clients’ vision.

At Aurora, we believe in pro-action across all our services, which is no more evident than Project Management. We aim to deliver projects in the most risk-averse way possible, focusing on consistency, accountability, and transparency.

Our Project Management service includes:

• Internationally trained local Project Managers– We work to understand the client, their needs, cultures, and values to ensure our delivery aligns with their needs.

• Risk and Opportunity Management

• Project Execution Planning, implementation, and delivery– we provide complete diligence to lay out the project’s roadmap and deliver accordingly.

• Stakeholder Management– We have a proven track record of successfully delivering high-quality projects for local and international clients, managing stakeholders across multiple countries and time zones.

• Best Practise solutions-focused delivery.

Our overarching goal is to deliver an international, blended service approach to Project Management in local markets, translating expectation throughout Project and Client teams with the focus of successful Client Vision delivery.

If you are interested in a more detailed description of the service and its responsibilities, please feel free to contact us.

Aurora Provides Project Management Services To The Following Sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical, Technology and Healthcare
  • Residential