We are thrilled to honour Warwick Kendrick for an impressive decade of leadership! Warwick’s journey has been defined by outstanding achievements and a positive impact, and our team thanks him all the work he has put in throughout his time. 

As the original founder of G & T Nordics / Aurora, I am thrilled to congratulate you on your 10-year work anniversary. Your remarkable journey from project manager to CEO of our Nordic operations exemplifies the spirit of dedication and excellence delivered. From a personal perspective I want to thank you for guiding the business through times of covid and my own illness at that time.

Your leadership, ethical conduct, commitment and support to our mission have played a pivotal role in shaping our journey from G & T to success of Aurora.

Here’s to your inspiring achievements and success that myself and the partners look forward in the future. Keep leading with passion and integrity!

– Founder & Chairman James Pearce

“It’s been great fun mate! You’ve collected a lot of great people on this (first) 10 years and fostered a community into a business and the success has followed!

All the best! Well deserved!”

– Partner Jonny Young

Reminiscing about my initial interview with Warwick in a pub after arriving in Sweden 5 years ago and acknowledging where we are today as a business, I are delighted to celebrate a decade of dedication and excellence as Warwick Kendrick reaches a remarkable milestone of 10 years with Aurora Construction Consultancy.

Warwick’s unwavering commitment, hard work, and invaluable contributions have been instrumental in our success. Here’s to a decade of achievements, growth, and many more years of collaboration ahead. Congratulations on this impressive milestone and thank you for your outstanding service.

– Partner Ben Barker


Big congratulations on hitting the 10-year mark with Aurora! What an achievement!

Thanks for being such an integral part of the Aurora family. Looking forward to many more years of working together and making great things happen.

Cheers to you, Warwick! – Gary Humphreys

Congratulations on reaching the remarkable milestone of 10 years at Aurora CC! I want to express my sincere gratitude for not only giving me the opportunity to join the team but also for being an inspiring mentor and leader. Your guidance has played a pivotal role in my professional journey, and I am truly thankful for the support and wisdom you’ve shared.

Here’s to another 10 years of success, growth, and a bit of that Kiwi humour!

– Bradley McAuley

Congratulations on a remarkable decade of leadership excellence! Your impact has not only driven success but has also fostered a genuine sense of community in our workplace. Your unique leadership style has transformed our professional environment into a close-knit community where every team member feels valued.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication. Here’s to a decade of positive change and to many more years of success under your exceptional leadership!

– Nardos Kiflom