Services Provided
BentallGreenOak, a global real estate investment firm, tasked our professional construction consultancy with providing a Technical Due Diligence report for a mixed-use asset in Helsinki. The purpose of the report was to assess the condition and potential risks associated with the property, in support of a potential purchase.

Project Description: Our team of experienced consultants conducted a comprehensive Technical Due Diligence assessment of the mixed-use asset, comprising of retail, office and residential spaces. The project involved a detailed review of the building’s structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, as well as the condition of the roof, facade, windows, and interior finishes. We also analyzed the maintenance and repair history of the property, in addition to identifying any potential environmental or regulatory concerns.

Our thorough evaluation provided valuable insights into the asset’s condition, identifying areas of concern and providing recommendations for remediation and future maintenance. The report included a detailed summary of the findings and recommendations, as well as cost estimates for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

Our Technical Due Diligence report for BentallGreenOak enabled them to make a well-informed decision regarding the potential purchase of the mixed-use asset in Helsinki.