Victoria Asset Management
Services Provided
Cost Estimate
Victoria Asset Management approached our construction consultancy firm to provide cost estimation services for their potential acquisition of Karlatornet, the tallest building in Scandinavia located in Gothenburg. As experts in construction cost estimation, we were confident in our ability to accurately assess the costs involved in such a project and provide Victoria Asset Management with the information they needed to make an informed decision.

Our team of experienced construction consultants conducted a thorough analysis of the project, taking into account factors such as materials, labor, equipment, and any potential risks or challenges. We worked closely with the architects and engineers involved in the project to ensure that our cost estimates were as accurate and detailed as possible.

Through our cost estimation services, we were able to provide Victoria Asset Management with a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of acquiring and constructing Karlatornet. Our estimates were used to inform their decision-making process, allowing them to make informed decisions about the viability and profitability of the project.

In conclusion, our cost estimation services were a critical component of Victoria Asset Management’s decision-making process for the potential acquisition of Karlatornet, and we are proud to have played a key role in this exciting project.