Services Provided
Cost Management Support
Our consultancy was engaged by Vattenfall, the Swedish state-owned power company, to provide cost management support for one of their energy projects. As a leading construction consultancy, we were tasked with ensuring that the project was delivered on budget and within the agreed timeline.

Project Description:
Our team worked closely with Vattenfall’s project management team to develop a comprehensive cost management plan. This involved identifying and managing all project costs, from procurement and construction costs to contingency and risk management costs.

We also provided regular cost reports and updates to Vattenfall’s management team to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the project. Our team worked to identify cost-saving opportunities and make recommendations to optimize project expenditures without sacrificing project quality.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we provided ongoing support and guidance to Vattenfall’s project management team. We helped to negotiate with contractors, reviewed invoices and payment requests, and provided advice on potential cost impacts of any project changes.

Overall, our cost management support helped Vattenfall to successfully deliver their energy project within the budget and timeline agreed upon at the outset. Our consultancy’s expertise in cost management and project delivery was a valuable asset to Vattenfall, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.