McNeil Sverige AB
Services Provided
Project Control Support
McNeil Sverige AB, a manufacturer of NICORETTE products, approached us for Project Control support for their SIMAP project in Helsingborg. The project aimed to develop a better cancer treatment and required effective coordination, monitoring, and reporting of project activities.

As a construction consultancy, we provided McNeil Sverige AB with comprehensive Project Control services to help them achieve their project objectives. Our team worked closely with the project stakeholders, including the client, contractors, and vendors, to establish project control procedures and guidelines.

We developed a detailed project plan and schedule, outlining the critical path, milestones, and deliverables. We also established a project tracking system to monitor progress against the plan and identified potential risks and issues. Our team provided regular progress reports to the client and held regular meetings to review project performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Throughout the project, we ensured that all project activities complied with the relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations. We also managed project costs, including budgeting and forecasting, and provided regular cost reports to the client.

In summary, our Project Control support helped McNeil Sverige AB to deliver a successful SIMAP project in Helsingborg, contributing to the development of better cancer treatment.