Thornton Tomasetti
Services Provided
Cost Management Support
Thornton Tomasetti, a leading engineering company, enlisted our professional construction consultancy to provide Cost Management support for their Cloud City sculpture project in City Aalborg.

TThe Cloud City sculpture was a unique and complex project that involved the creation of a large-scale, multi-faceted art installation in a public space. Our role was to provide comprehensive cost management support throughout the project, from the initial design phase to the final construction and installation.

Our team of experienced construction consultants worked closely with the project stakeholders to develop and implement a cost management plan that ensured the project was delivered within the budget constraints while still meeting all of the client’s requirements. We provided detailed cost estimates, monitored and controlled project expenses, and identified and managed cost risks to ensure that the project remained financially viable.

Throughout the project, we maintained open communication channels with all stakeholders, providing regular updates on the project’s cost status and any potential cost overruns or savings. Our diligent cost management support played a crucial role in the successful delivery of the Cloud City sculpture, meeting both the client’s expectations and the public’s admiration.