Steen & Strøm
Services Provided
Cost Estimating
Steen & Strøm, a retail and real estate company, commissioned our construction consultancy firm to provide a cost management report for Bruuns Galleri shopping centre in Aarhus. Our task was to provide a detailed cost estimation report for the construction and renovation works at the shopping centre.

Project Description: Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the project and provided a comprehensive cost estimation report to Steen & Strøm. The report included an itemized list of all construction and renovation expenses required to complete the project, including the cost of materials, labor, equipment, and other miscellaneous expenses.

We also provided a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs for each phase of the project, including the pre-construction phase, construction phase, and post-construction phase. Our team utilized industry-standard software and tools to ensure the accuracy of our cost estimates and worked closely with the project managers to ensure that our cost estimation report aligned with their project timeline and budget.

Additionally, our team provided suggestions on potential cost savings without compromising the quality of the final product. We worked collaboratively with Steen & Strøm to ensure that the final cost estimation report was tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Overall, our cost estimation report provided Steen & Strøm with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their project budget and timeline.