Steen & Strøm
Services Provided
Feasibility Cost Estimating
Steen & Strøm contracted our construction consultancy to provide feasibility cost estimating services for two major projects – the Allum shopping centre extension and the Emporia Cinema in Partille. Our services aimed to provide accurate cost estimates for the construction of these projects, taking into account all relevant factors such as material costs, labour costs, and any potential challenges or risks that could impact the construction process.

For the Allum shopping centre extension, we conducted a thorough analysis of the existing structure, as well as the proposed design plans, to develop a comprehensive cost estimate that aligned with Steen & Strøm’s budget and timeline goals. Similarly, for the Emporia Cinema, we provided detailed cost projections to support the development of this key cultural asset.

Our team worked closely with Steen & Strøm’s project managers and stakeholders throughout the process, providing regular updates and recommendations to ensure that the projects stayed on track and within budget. Ultimately, our feasibility cost estimating services helped Steen & Strøm to make informed decisions and achieve successful project outcomes.