Standard Life
Services Provided
Reinstatement Insurance Valuations or FIV
Standard Life Investments engaged our construction consultancy services to provide Reinstatement Insurance Valuations for a project in Stockholm. Our team of experienced professionals undertook a thorough assessment of the project to determine the cost of reinstating the property to its original condition in the event of damage or destruction.

Project Description:
Our team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the property to determine the appropriate insurance coverage needed for reinstatement in the event of any unforeseen damages. We assessed the structure, including its materials, design, and construction methods, to determine the overall replacement cost. Our team also evaluated the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as any special features or finishes that might increase the property’s value.

We then provided a detailed report outlining the estimated cost of reinstatement, including any additional costs that may arise from factors such as inflation, regulatory changes, or market fluctuations. Our report provided Standard Life Investments with a clear understanding of the insurance coverage required to safeguard their investment and minimize the risk of financial loss in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Throughout the project, we maintained clear communication with Standard Life Investments, ensuring that all their questions and concerns were addressed promptly and professionally. Our commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and timely services ensured that Standard Life Investments had the information they needed to make informed decisions about their property insurance coverage.