RoundShield LLP
Services Provided
Development Monitoring
RoundShield LLP, a private investment firm, sought our expertise as a professional construction consultancy to provide development monitoring services for a potential investment project. Our role was to act as an independent party, monitoring and reporting on the development progress of the project, ensuring that it adheres to the pre-agreed specifications, timeline, and budget.

We conducted regular site visits and assessed the quality of the construction works, reviewed project documentation, and provided detailed reports to our client to keep them informed of the project’s progress. Our development monitoring service enabled RoundShield LLP to make informed investment decisions by providing them with reliable and unbiased information about the project’s status, potential risks, and opportunities.

We also liaised with the project team, providing advice and guidance where necessary to ensure that the project was completed to a high standard and in line with the client’s expectations. Our development monitoring service provided RoundShield LLP with the assurance that their investment was being managed professionally and that the project was being delivered to the highest standards possible.