Services Provided
Project Controls
Our team was engaged with Orbicon (a renowned Danish multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm) to provide comprehensive Project Control services for Copenhagen airport projects.

Our Project Control services included the management and coordination of project planning, scheduling, cost estimating, risk management, and quality control. We ensured that all project activities were executed as per the plan and within the specified budget and time frame. Our team worked collaboratively with Orbicon’s project management team, providing regular status updates and progress reports to keep everyone on the same page.

Our experts closely monitored and controlled all aspects of the project to identify potential issues and risks and develop mitigation strategies to prevent them. We provided valuable insights into the project’s progress and facilitated effective communication between all stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination and timely resolution of any conflicts.

Our Project Control services helped ensure that the Copenhagen airport project was completed successfully, meeting all quality, safety, and regulatory standards, within the budget and time frame. Our team’s expertise, experience, and attention to detail made a significant contribution to the project’s success and Orbicon’s reputation for delivering exceptional engineering consulting services.