Services Provided
Technical Due Diligence
Midstar Hotels engaged our construction consultancy firm to provide Technical Due Diligence services for one of their assets located in central Copenhagen. The asset in question was a hotel property that Midstar Hotels was considering acquiring, and they needed a thorough evaluation of the property’s technical condition before proceeding with the acquisition.

Our team of experienced engineers and construction experts conducted a comprehensive assessment of the property, examining its structural integrity, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as its compliance with local building codes and regulations. We also evaluated the property’s environmental sustainability and identified any potential hazards or risks that could affect its long-term viability.

After our thorough evaluation, we presented Midstar Hotels with a detailed Technical Due Diligence report that provided a comprehensive overview of the property’s technical condition. The report included recommendations for any necessary repairs or upgrades, as well as an estimated budget and timeline for completing them. Our report provided Midstar Hotels with the critical information they needed to make an informed decision about acquiring the property, ensuring that they were aware of any potential issues that could impact the property’s value and long-term sustainability.