Services Provided
Cost Management
Midstar AB is an asset management company that specializes in hotel real estate investments. They required cost management services for the renovation project in a heritage-listed hotel in Halmstad. Our construction consultancy was hired to provide comprehensive cost management services to ensure the project stayed within budget and was completed on time.

The project involved the complete renovation of the hotel’s interior and exterior, including the restoration of the heritage features. Our team provided detailed cost estimates and budget analysis throughout the project to ensure that all work was completed efficiently and cost-effectively. We also provided regular progress reports and updates to the client to keep them informed of any changes or issues that arose during the construction process.

In addition to cost management, our team also provided advice and recommendations on the most cost-effective materials and construction methods to use during the renovation. This helped to minimize costs while still ensuring that the final result was of the highest quality.

Overall, our cost management services for the renovation of the heritage-listed hotel in Halmstad were successful in ensuring that the project was completed on time and within budget, while still achieving the high-quality results that Midstar AB was looking for.