Services Provided
Project Cost and Progress Audit
Our construction consultancy was tasked with providing a project cost and progress audit for the upgrade of Södersjukhuset, one of the largest hospitals in Stockholm, Sweden. The project aimed to enhance the facility’s infrastructure and expand its services to cater to the increasing demand for healthcare services in the region.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the project’s financial and operational aspects, assessing its cost estimates, budgets, and actual expenditures. We also evaluated the progress of the project, scrutinizing the project plan, schedule, and milestones achieved.

The audit revealed significant discrepancies in the project’s cost estimates, with some items grossly underestimated and others overestimated. Our recommendations on cost savings were implemented, and this helped the client save a substantial amount of money in the project’s implementation.

Furthermore, the audit also identified some project delays, which were attributed to several factors such as unforeseen circumstances, contractual disputes, and coordination issues. Our recommendations on project management were implemented, leading to better coordination among stakeholders and improved progress.

Overall, our project cost and progress audit provided valuable insights to the client, enabling them to manage the project better, control costs, and ensure timely delivery of the project.