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Technical Due Diligence
Hines Asset Management engaged our construction consultancy to perform Technical Due Diligence services for a property located on Holmens Kanal Street in central Copenhagen.

Our team of experienced engineers and construction experts carried out a comprehensive assessment of the property, including its structure, building services, and compliance with local regulations. We conducted a detailed inspection of the property, reviewed relevant documents, and engaged with the property management team to gain a thorough understanding of the property’s condition and potential risks.

Based on our findings, we prepared a detailed Technical Due Diligence report for Hines Asset Management. The report included a summary of the property’s overall condition, a list of recommended repairs and maintenance, an evaluation of the property’s compliance with regulations, and a projection of future maintenance costs.

Our report provided Hines Asset Management with valuable insights into the property’s condition and potential risks, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the acquisition. We were pleased to provide Technical Due Diligence services to Hines Asset Management and contribute to the success of their property investment strategies