Services Provided
Grosvenor, an international property developer, engaged our professional construction consultancy to conduct Technical Due Diligence for a mixed-use shopping centre in Bålsta. The project involved a comprehensive assessment of the technical and operational aspects of the development, including building services, structural integrity, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Project Description:
Our team of experienced consultants conducted a thorough examination of the shopping centre, reviewing all available technical documentation and conducting extensive site inspections. We assessed the building’s structural integrity, including foundations, roof, and façade, to ensure compliance with relevant codes and standards. Our team also evaluated the condition and performance of critical building systems such as electrical, mechanical, and plumbing, and identified any potential issues that could impact the shopping centre’s operations.

As part of the Technical Due Diligence, we reviewed the shopping centre’s compliance with relevant environmental regulations, including energy efficiency, waste management, and air quality. Our team provided a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations, including any necessary repairs or upgrades required to bring the building up to standard.

Through our Technical Due Diligence, we were able to provide Grosvenor with a clear understanding of the shopping centre’s technical and operational status, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their investment. Our expertise and attention to detail ensured that our client was well-positioned to manage any potential risks associated with the project.