Green Storage
Services Provided
Project and Cost Management
Green Storage approached us, a professional construction consultancy, to provide Project and Cost management services for the renovation of an existing car park into a storage facility located at Gamla Anderstorpsvägen in Stockholm. The project aimed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly storage solution to the residents of the city, while also ensuring the renovation is completed within the client’s budget and timeline.

Our team of experienced project managers and cost consultants worked closely with Green Storage to ensure the successful completion of the project. We conducted a thorough analysis of the site, identifying potential risks, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Our team also prepared a comprehensive project plan that included a detailed timeline and budget breakdown, allowing our client to have complete visibility and control over the project’s progress.

Throughout the project’s execution, we provided regular updates to our client, ensuring complete transparency and timely decision-making. Our team also monitored the project’s financial performance, implementing cost-saving measures wherever possible, without compromising the project’s quality.

The completed Green Storage facility is a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication to delivering successful projects. The facility provides sustainable and cost-effective storage solutions to the community, while also showcasing the potential of eco-friendly renovation practices.