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Cost Management
As a professional construction consultancy, we were engaged by Bam Denmark construction contractor to provide cost management services for their projects. Our team had extensive experience in managing costs for large construction projects and had previously provided cost management services for HOFOR projects.

Our scope of work for the Bam Denmark project involved developing a comprehensive cost management plan that identified all the costs associated with the project and ensured that they were effectively managed throughout the project lifecycle. We worked closely with the Bam Denmark team to establish a robust cost control system that enabled us to monitor and track all costs, identify potential cost overruns, and take corrective action where necessary.

Our cost management approach for the Bam Denmark project involved regular reviews of the project budget, cost forecasting, and value engineering exercises to identify potential cost savings. We also provided advice and guidance on cost risk management and contingency planning to ensure that the project was delivered within the agreed budget and timeline.

Overall, our cost management services for Bam Denmark enabled the contractor to achieve their project objectives while minimizing costs and maximizing value. We are proud to have played a critical role in the success of this project and look forward to providing our expertise to other construction contractors in Denmark.