Services Provided
Project Controls
As a professional construction consultancy, we provided Project Controls for the energy project set up of ABB, a technology leader in the industry. Our team worked closely with ABB to establish project baselines and develop schedules, budgets, and risk management plans. We provided comprehensive project controls services, including progress monitoring, variance analysis, change management, and reporting.

Our team implemented software tools for project scheduling and cost management, enabling efficient communication and collaboration between stakeholders. We also conducted regular project status reviews and provided recommendations for continuous improvement.

Throughout the project setup, we adhered to ABB’s safety standards and quality requirements, ensuring that all project activities were carried out with minimal risk to personnel and equipment. Our project controls services helped ABB to optimize its resources, reduce costs, and achieve its project goals within the desired timeline.

In summary, our construction consultancy provided ABB with comprehensive project control services, enabling the successful setup of its energy project while ensuring safety, quality, and efficiency.