Tristan & Solstra Capital Partners
Services Provided
Reinstatement insurance valuations
Tristan & Solstra Capital Partners engaged our services as a construction consultant to provide cost management services for their shopping mall project in Copenhagen. Our primary responsibility was to ensure that the project was executed within the allocated budget, without compromising on quality or timeline.

To achieve this, we collaborated with the design team, contractors, and vendors to establish a comprehensive cost plan that detailed all project costs, including materials, labor, and contingency. Throughout the project lifecycle, we monitored all expenditures and implemented effective cost-control measures to minimize cost overruns.

Our team also conducted regular site visits to ensure that the work was progressing according to plan and that all costs were accurately documented. We provided regular progress reports to Tristan & Solstra Capital Partners, highlighting any areas of concern and providing recommendations to mitigate potential risks.

In the end, our cost management services enabled the project to be completed within the allocated budget, while maintaining the desired level of quality and schedule. Our team’s expertise in cost management was a valuable asset to Tristan & Solstra Capital Partners, ensuring the successful completion of their shopping mall project in Copenhagen..