Technical University of Denmark – DTU
Services Provided
Cost Management services
Our construction consultancy provided Cost Management services for the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to support the development of a new 6-story building. This project involved the construction of a high-class laboratory for veterinary research, which would require meticulous planning, coordination, and cost control to ensure its successful completion.

Project Description:
Our team of experienced Cost Management professionals worked closely with the DTU project team to develop a comprehensive cost plan for the laboratory construction. We provided detailed cost estimates for all aspects of the project, including the building’s structure, systems, finishes, and equipment, and continually monitored and updated the estimates as the design progressed.

During the project’s construction phase, we were responsible for ensuring that the actual costs remained within the approved budget. Our team closely monitored the construction progress, tracked expenses, and provided regular reports to the DTU project team. We also provided cost forecasts, identified potential cost overruns, and worked with the project team to develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

Thanks to our rigorous cost management approach, the new laboratory building was completed on time and within budget, meeting all of DTU’s requirements for a state-of-the-art research facility. Our comprehensive cost management services enabled DTU to make informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle, ensuring that they achieved their goals efficiently and effectively.