Services Provided
Cost Estimation
Hochtief, a leading German construction company, approached our consultancy to provide cost estimation services for a new tunnel project in Copenhagen’s metro system. Our team of experienced cost estimators meticulously analyzed the project requirements, including labor, materials, equipment, and other associated costs, to provide accurate and reliable cost estimates.

The project involved the construction of a new tunnel system as part of the expansion of Copenhagen’s metro network. Our team worked closely with Hochtief’s project managers to understand the scope of work, project timelines, and budgetary constraints to develop a detailed cost estimation report.

We employed the latest cost estimation techniques and software tools to ensure accuracy and minimize any potential cost overruns. Our consultants also provided recommendations to optimize the cost of the project without compromising the quality of work.

Our cost estimation services enabled Hochtief to effectively plan and budget for the project and ensure that they could deliver the project within the specified budget and timelines. We are proud to have been a part of this project, which will provide a critical transportation link for the residents of Copenhagen for years to come.