Services Provided
Project Control
Biogen, a global biopharmaceutical company, required Project Control services for several construction projects across the Nordics. As a professional construction consultancy, we were engaged to provide project management expertise to ensure the successful delivery of these projects.

Our team of experienced project managers worked closely with Biogen to develop and implement effective project control strategies that would facilitate efficient project delivery, whilst mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with local regulations and industry standards.

Our scope of services included project planning, scheduling, cost control, risk management, quality management, and progress reporting. We also provided guidance on project governance, communication, and stakeholder management to ensure a collaborative and transparent project environment.

Throughout the project lifecycle, our team closely monitored progress against the project plan, identified and mitigated potential issues, and ensured that project milestones were achieved on time and within budget. We also provided regular progress reports and updates to Biogen’s management team, enabling them to make informed decisions and maintain full visibility of the project’s status.

Thanks to our Project Control services, Biogen was able to successfully deliver their construction projects in the Nordics, achieving their goals on time and within budget