Canica AS





The Well Resort

Canica AS plans to expand on their existing ‘The Well’ luxury spa facility south of Oslo with the construction of a new built hotel. This hotel will provide the opportunity for overnight and conference guests along with the existing day visit guests. The main construction will be a new 4-star hotel with a connection to the existing spa on 4 levels, providing a mix of standard, luxury and suite rooms.


  • Cost Management / Quantity Surveying
  • Procurement Advisory
  • Contract Administration

This project is logistically complicated with the reorientation of the spa entrance and general alterations to the existing building to happen while keeping the spa facility fully operational for the duration of the project up to a planned completion date in 2021.

The client brief requires a stunning and exciting design whilst maintaining cost efficiency through the effective use of space and existing facilities. Aurora Construction Consultancy AB are providing full cost management services from early concept design right through to the final client fit out works.

These services include providing detailed cost estimates and benchmarking throughout the design process to ensure an efficient design, coordinating value engineering at all stages to ensure the clients budget is maintained, support through the process of procuring contractors for the construction and also client fit out works, change control and negotiation during the construction phase right through to final account, cost reporting and forecasting. Rigorous cost management control measures have been implemented throughout to enable the client to make informed decisions at every stage.