Sonning Common – Memorial Hall Field Recreational Park Project Update

United Kingdom, 29 June 2021

The 14-week Memorial Hall project commenced on the 22nd of March. The extreme weather conditions, a very dry April, and the wet weather in May stopped the machines from entering the site, resulting in a three-week delay.

The Blakedown Sport & Play team has worked hard to catch up with a larger team’s backlog. The ground has been leveled and prepared for the grass seeding, which will happen in early July. The tarmac works have been nearly completed for the MUGA and the 700m footpath. The access road demands more work than estimated, but the results will be within the financial plan and completed simultaneously as the main project.


Mika Rinta-Suksi represents and leads the Aurora UK team and is involved in every step, making sure to turn the client’s vision into a beautiful reality.

Aurora Construction Consultancy UK is appointed to provide Design, Cost, and Project Management for this exciting development. Our main scope is to control and drive the programme of the works through execution.

The Sonning Common Memorial Hall Field project will be completed within the budget and in good harmony with the client and the contractor. Success for Aurora!

About Aurora CC- Founded in 2006, Aurora is an independent construction consultancy. We have been operating across the Nordic region for over 16 years, working for our clients in Cost Management, Project Control, and Project Management disciplines. Starting from our London office, we now have headquarters in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki, with RICS certification in every country we work in, meaning our work is always regulated to the highest standard.

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