McDonald’s Nordic Roll-Out

Aurora was appointed by McDonald’s on a framework agreement to construct multiple restaurants across the Nordic region, the vast majority of which in Finland. The basis for our engagement was our local Nordic experience together with our understanding of international standards relating to investment and development requirements.


  • Project Management
  • Cost Management / Quantity Surveying
Industry-standard, nationally recognised contracts were deployed with an amended clause set to reflect local requirements in terms of delivery control – all established through frontline local market experience.

Contract administration was provided by Aurora managers engaged full time to directly support McDonald’s’ own in-house delivery management team. Aurora’s experience and understanding of local culture and methods of delivery provided McDonald’s a level of cost certainty, accountability and control that had previously been lacking across their Nordic operations.

As well as providing budgeting and scheduling input for forwarding investment modelling, Aurora also provided ongoing management expertise throughout the procurement and construction phases of the project.